Overall Ranking

The Sizzix Sidekick Portable Diecut Machine was created to compliment other machines and therefore receives only a two star rating on its own. While the use of this machine over others is a convenience, the Sidekick's overall functionality is out done by its big brother, the Sizzix Personal Diecut Machine.

For stow and go purposes, this machine is very easy to transport and does serve its purpose with paper crafting on the road but when compared to all the other machines on this site just doesn't hold its own weight.

In this crafter's opinion, this is an unneeded expense for the minimal convenience provided to not have to tote along a bigger machine.

Suggested Retail

Average price for the Sizzix Personal Diecut Machine online is $45.99. This product is available from the sponsor at the savings they have come to be known for! To purchase this product, please click Here.

Ease of Use

The Sizzix Sidekick is a more affordable diecut system for crafters just breaking into the diecut market. This small roller machine weighs 2 pounds, stands 4" tall, will cut a single sheet of lightweight-to-cardstock paper and has a special vacuum seal that holds it into place on any smooth work surface. By adding an optional adapter, the Sidekick is also compatible with other brands' wafer-thin dies. The adapters are not marked so sticking a small piece of masking tape on the end of the adapter and cutting pads to write the name of the adapter is a good idea.

The Sidekick machine is designed for use with all Sizzlits including 12" Decorative Strips, and quick, quality embossing from specially formatted Simple Impressions Sidekick Folders. The adapters are simple to use and switch out but again, this diecut machine is designed for only wafer like dies and will not accommodate larger dies. The vacuum seal is a great addition to this machine and does keep the Sidekick in place but needs a SMOOTH surface. Using a Lifetime or Mitylite type table will prevent the Sizzix Sidekick from adhering to the table.

Bottom line, no great hurdles to overcome but not the most intuitive machine on the market.


The Sizzix Sidekick is a more affordable diecut system for crafters just breaking into the diecut market. This small roller machine is designed for use with all Sizzlits including 12" Decorative Strips, and quick, quality embossing from specially formatted Simple Impressions Sidekick Folders.

Sizzix Sizzlits have over 20 varieties of alphabets, over 25 Sizzlits sets, over 100 Sizzlits dies, 30 Decorative Strips, Coordinating Rub-ons and features some dies by Me and My Big Ideas.

The Sizzix Sidekick can accomodate wafer dies made by different manufacturers with the use of an adapter. QuicKutz dies can be used with the Sidekick but beware... QuicKutz has a lifetime warranty on all their dies but it is only valid if the dies are used with the QuicKutz Tools. Any use with other systems voids your warranty. Accucut wafer dies can also be used with the Sidekick machine.

In addition to the dies, Sizzix has released embossing folders, decorative strips and rubons to complete the Sizzix family. To see these products and more please click HERE.

The Sizzix Sidekick is mini roller machine and holds up generally under normal usage. The design requires use of a table top or other flat surface to suction the base of the machine. This platform can become worn, cracked, dirty and lose it's ability to adhere.

The machine itself and rollers are durable and do not need maintenance. The cutting mats need to be replaced occasionally. If they are worn past their prime can mark up, tear or damage your paper.

The Sizzlits dies are made of very durable materials and will not need to be serviced or replaced throughout their lives with normal usage. This diecut machine is not recommended for commercial use and has not been tested under commercial standards.

Bottom line, a semi-durable machine with some need for special treatment.

Optional Features/Equipment

The Sizzix Sidekick diecut machine accommodates dies of many varieties and even has 12" strips available! Me and My Big Ideas designers have complimented the Sizzlits die collections with a variety of Sizzlits dies, decorative strips, and alphabets.

Also available for the Sidekick are Sizzix Rub-ons in some very cute designs and Embosslits which make it easy to cut, embellish any decorate any project in one very simple step.

Sizzix also offers a Sizzix Sidekick Tote for portability, an oversize platform for easier cutting, replacement cutting pads, 13" cutting pads for the Sizzix Decorative Strips, plastic storage cases for your Sizzlits dies and Sizzlits adapters.


The Sizzix Sidekick along with optional equipment and all dies are readily available at most retail locations where diecut items are sold.

All current Sizzix items are available for purchase at suggested retail pricing from the Sizzix website. For information and support on the Sizzix brand of products you can contact your nearest retailer, email the website where you purchased your Sidekick or related products, or contact Sizzix.com.

Online retailers such as Hallmark Scrapbook offers the same products as local retailers and Sizzix.com at reduced prices. To pick up dies at great prices, make sure you take a look at the Sizzlits sets, packs of coordinated dies that make it easy to expand your Sizzlits collection without breaking the bank.


The Sizzix Sidekick is a small diecut machine which weighs just a couple of pounds. With its small size and optional accessories it is highly portable and is the ultimate throw and go machine.

Using the Sizzix Sidekick Accessory Tote with a suggested retail price of just $39.99 allows you to store your Sizzix Sidekick and up to three Sizzix Sizzlits Storage Cases.

With the four star rating at portability, the Sizzix Sidekick falls short of the mark with only one main drawback. Although it is highly portable, using the Sidekick once you reach your destination requires a table or other smooth work surface and/or the Sidekick Platform which is sold separately.

All in all, the Sidekick is one of the more portable Diecut Machines.

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