Overall Ranking

A machine with the ability to cut anything from paper to fabric, chipboard to vinyl; distress, engrave, and emboss to boot! Am I dreaming or could this really be true??? The Creative Cutter Inspiration by Pazzles is the answer to some long held disappointments in the current electronic cutters. This amazing diecut machine combines the ability to cut any true type font on your computer with the simplicity of clicking a few buttons to spit out your new creation. The Pazzles Inspiration does require the use of a computer but for those die hard scrapbookers and paper crafters who will not settle for mediocrity, this machine is worth its weight in gold!

Suggested Retail Price

The Pazzles Inspiration is the ultimate computer printer and design studio and therefore has a price tag to go along with it. The price on this diecutter is high but give it a try and you will be convinced you absolutely cannot live without it. The Inspiration Cutter has the unique ability to print the true type fonts already installed on your computer, take a peek and see just how many true type fonts (ttfs) you have on there and how much you would spend in competitor cartridges, you are sure to be amazed!. Dollar for dollar, this machine is not for the occassion scrapbooker or paper crafter but if you find yourself at your scrap table more than an hour a month, this is the epitome of "everything I never know I always wanted".

Take a peek at the features, do your homework and save your pennies... you will not regret purchasing the absolutely fantastic Pazzles Inspiration Cutter!

Ease of Use

If you have never had an interest in using a computer, or if the buttons on a basic remote control confuse you, the Inspiration Cutter will probably not be the easiest thing you have ever done. Compared with some competitor machines, the user interface of the Pazzles Inspiration is a cinch to work with but time and experience are still sure to lend a helping hand.

The four star rating on this Inspirations machine is simply because we have not had a ton of time to play with it. Given a little more experience (which I am sure we will gain in the very near future) the Pazzles Inspiration would more than likely gain a five star ranking but this comparison site strives to be unbiased and judge according to first and ongoing impressions.


Anything and everything you could ever imagine can be cut by the Pazzles Inspiration Machine... how could anything else compare? You want to cut a flower? Find one, cut it... Can't find one? Draw one, scan it in and cut it out! Don't want to draw? Create it on your computer with any image program (including the Pazzles user interface) and printing or cutting it is a cinch!

Fonts galore, no end to shapes... for this reason alone, the Inspiration Cutter should score a perfect 10!


Because the Inspiration Diecutter is a stationary machine, it does not have to compensate for the normal wear and tear of a machine used on the go. The Pazzles Machine itself deals remarkably well with normal use, and even moderate to heavy use. When used to its full potential, normal replacement parts will come in handy (using the embossing, engraving, and distressing tools will also create wear and tear on the mats).

While the machine itself does not need to be serviced regularly, there are parts, as with other machines that are required to use the Inspiration Machine. The replacement parts need to be changed occasionally but the price on them is not at all prohibitive, and they swap out relatively easily.

The Pazzles Inspirational Cutter is a newer machine on the market so wehave not yet gained the full understanding of all of the issues that may or may not be affected but so far, we sure are impressed!

Optional Features/Equipment

Distressing, Engraving, Embossing, Drawing, Cutting... who could ask for more? The Pazzles Cutter Inspiration sure covers all the bases and keeps going from there. This amazing diecutter is truly and inspiration, allowing paper crafters, scrapbookers and home decor artists alike accomplish all their goals.

With the Pazzles machine you can take your crafting to the next level... this remarkable machine allows you to cut and create your own stamps with the stamp kit, create and cut custom iron on designs, cut vinyl, cardstock, metal foil, and more! Try one out and you will certainly not be disappointed!


The Pazzles Inspiration Machine is sold on the manufacturer's website for the suggested retail price but finding it at a lower price through another retailer, like our sponsor Hallmark Scrapbook will certainly leave you with that "I just found a sale" type feeling. You certainly will get your money's worth out of this phenominal machine!


The Pazzles Inspiration Machine is not designed to be an on the go machine. Each Inspiration Diecutter requires not only the use of a power source like the Cricut line of cutters but also a computer. If you have a laptop, you are certainly going to be the hit of the crop if you do take your inspiration with you but with a desktop... Unless you want to pack up your Inspiration and your Computer, and risk the possible damage that can come from jostling your full size computer and monitor around, you are better off using a different machine to diecut on the go. There also is the option of diecutting what you need before you leave and taking the letters with you, but if you are anything like this paper crafter, that wouldn't do you much good because you would probably change your mind on what you wanted to do and then have almost wasted letters.

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